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According to the general consensus on the internet, Freddy Got Fingered is one of the worst films ever made. The main character is retarded, the movie is fucking gross, and has the Tom Green in it.

So of course, like the self-deprecating man that I am, I spent actual money and rented this movie.

Don’t judge me just yet, you filthy savage, of course, I had to witness one of the greatest trainwrecks of the 2000’s, who wouldn’t?

Long story short, I just might have fallen in love with this stupid movie.

Wait! Before you bring out your pitchforks and try to DDOS my site, lemme explain. Now settle down, sit down, and relax, For this is the story…of how Freddy got fingered.

“Go Go Gadget Plot Synopsis!”

So Tom Green pretty much plays himself, that is a mentally defunct slacker who moves to LA to work in a cheese sandwich factory. Yeah, you read that right.

But wait! He actually longs to be a cartoonist, and pitch a show about a cat with X-Ray vision n’ shit. So he packs his bags, get’s a rad car from his parents, and goes to LA.

And then he wanks a horse’s dick.

I’m not kidding, he starts pleasuring this horse while screaming “Look at me Daddy…something something I don’t fuckin know I’m paraphrasing here.”

Now remember this scene, because it comes back later in the movie, which makes this important apparently.

Anyway, Tom Green gets fired and accuses his dad of fingering his brother or something. That’s as in depth as you’re going to get with me.

Despite my shit job at explaining the plot, I actually think this movie is a bit underrated, lemme explain why.

This movie is so fucking gross, and weird as hell, that it gives it a unique charm that makes it funny. The movie ain’t no Citizen Kane, but that doesn’t mean it’s not funny.

Like my tapeworm, this movie latches onto you and grows. Sure, it takes a little bit of you with it, but I think it’s a worthy trade-off.

Unlike other comedies where all the funny bits are in the trailers, or are separated by thick walls of plot, this movie is always funny, and is always throwing stuff out there.

I’m not saying that I don’t like plot, but there is a nice balance of plot and comedy. I like there to be some nice character development, but I don’t want a movie to go through a long depressing phase before anything funny happens. (Mike and Dave, I’m looking at you.)*

*I do like Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, but half the movie is fucking sad. I feel for Mike.

I feel that this movie, along with Clerks 2, are the best at handling the plot to comedy ratio. You know how every movie has their good and bad parts? This movie is pretty much always the good part.

Granted, half the movie is Tom Green screaming like the weird fucker he is, but hey, it’s still entertaining.

The only reason I’m reviewing this film is to inform others that this movie isn’t one of the worst things to ever reach the cinema, it’s still not a great movie. But hey, a large portion of movies aren’t great, but are still entertaining, and unless you’re Jay Sherman, I feel a good amount of people would get a kick outta this movie.

hqdefault (1)

I give this movie 15/21 Greploids.


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